Happiness for IndieGameDev
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Evelyn GameDev is a channel that provides information on game development (Currently, I'm mainly working on Unity). I hope I can help all the game developers as much as possible.

Contant Me

Owned Media


I upload 2 short, content-rich videos a week.


I upload 3 to 4 articles a week that are useful for game development.


I used to work as a web developer and started my own personal development of games.

  • React.js

    Next.js, typescript and so on.
  • Vue.js

    Nuxt.js / netlify cms.
  • Unity

    From mobile games to PC games.
  • Blender

    3D character modeling, Vroid is also available.
  • Blog

    Send out information and make everyone happy.


Anime Char Poses

Pose confirmation app for illustration beginners.

Animal Pose Collection

An app that lets you look around at 3D models of animals.

Gun Sword Tank for drawing

An illustration resource app where you can check 3D models of swords, guns, and tanks.


Solitair Girls

Enjoy the nostalgic and simple solitaire with beautiful girls!

Cat Ball Puzzle

Puzzle game with fat cute cats

Girls Run in the dark

Easy run game with beautiful light world.


No Coding Easy Localization

Free assets that can be easily adapted to other languages


This package also makes sure that the shaders of the Vroid model are properly displayed in Unity's Universal Render Pipeline.